About Monkey Mat

Dirty airport floors. Two beautiful baby girls. Six hour layover. *CRINGE!*

A desperate desire arose for either a constant shower of sanitizer…or a portable, clean surface I could take EVERYwhere.

Not a bulky blanket (who has room?), or something I had to plan for in advance to have with me (I am just NOT that organized!!).

I soon realized I also wanted such a solution for hotel floors. Soccer games. Spontaneous picnics. Local festivals. Sit-ups at the park (where Fido just was, * CRINGE * again).

I mentioned my frustration to my dear friend and now business partner, Courtney, and though she didn’t even have kids at the time, she wanted such a solution for her active lifestyle... Outdoor concerts. Wine tastings. Camping. Hiking. The desired uses were endless.

We searched for a portable, clean surface to meet our needs, and when (shockingly!) nothing existed, we decided to create it.

The brainstorming and prototyping began...hot glue guns and staplers galore...

And so the Monkey Mat ® was born!

There is NOTHING that provides the portability, versatility, and functionality with style like the Monkey Mat ®.  

Whether for life in full swing or just monkeying around, the Monkey Mat is the perfect solution to protect from any questionably clean floor, in or outdoors - EVERYwhere you explore.

We wish you many happy Monkey Mat® moments!