Life After the “Tank” (Part 2)

September 12, 2014 1 Comment

It’s show time…let the Monkey madness begin!

Though filming #SharkTank is intense beyond words, the most difficult part of the process is wondering after taping WILL IT EVER AIR?? There is NO guarantee that even if you are fortunate enough to experience lights/camera/action, you will ever appear on TV. And if you DO get the *great* news that you are slotted to air, you receive ONLY about 3 weeks’ notice.

In our case, we received word a whopping week in advance! We’re still pretty sure we’re the ONLY company that’s replied to the exciting news from the producer by asking “Are you SURE we’re airing next week?...that’s not what the TV guide’s been listing!” (not that we’d been methodically tracking or anything ;) ).

And so our #MonkeyMat journey continued to unfold, with one week’s notice of our *major* IMDb debut (lol!). Yes, only ONE week to prepare for this life-changing event that might take our business to the next level…or maybe not. Here we were at this surreal and thrilling moment…and, once again, found ourselves experiencing the full spectrum of emotions we had leading up to and during filming – everything from exhilaration to anxiety – this time knowing the outcome with the Sharks, but now wondering How will the WORLD respond??

Our wonderful family and friends here in Austin pulled together an *amazing* viewing party (red carpet and all!) in the course of that week, thankfully allowing us to (attempt to!) “prepare” for the response to the 4/4/14 episode. (Little did we know this fun and special evening would be the last time we would have even a second to celebrate for a quite a while. J)

Friday night arrived in a flash. Seeing ourselves on TV was surreal…not knowing how our segment had been cut down from the hour we filmed meant everything but the outcome was a surprise to us right along with the millions of other viewers!

We quickly got a feel for the reaction to #MonkeyMat (and were so grateful for it!): within 48 hours of airing, our sales had surpassed those from the prior 18 months since launch, wiping out our inventory and leaving us in a MAJOR backorder situation. Bottom line: NO ONE can anticipate the #SharkTank effect, especially a small company like ourselves.

And so, though we had hit another major milestone with our airing (and accomplished one of our goals!), we realized immediately the hardest work was just beginning…


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Bettye Hutchison
Bettye Hutchison

September 12, 2014

Love reading your post about your appearance and afterwards! Since I haven’t ever know anyone on there before, it’s all new information and very interesting! Your enthusiasm and joy shine through loud and clear. I am so proud of you and wish you all the best! Love you, Aunt Bettye

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