Why are Life's Hardest Lessons Usually the Most Important?

September 25, 2014 1 Comment

Today began with unexpected reflection upon the REAL inspiration for the start of #MonkeyMat… 

Before diving into our mound of TO DO’s, we received a call from a friend whose Mom has been diagnosed with the same cancer (ovarian) that took Christie’s mom (Sue Cullen) away way too soon. 

Talk about perspective to start the day. 

While, as you’ve heard in prior posts, some days on the #MonkeyMat front are stressful and seem overwhelming at times, the reality is that we are blessed beyond words to have this opportunity to work our hardest at pursuing our dream. The “problems” and challenges we face in this journey are all relative, and though we never want anyone’s REAL problems to be the force behind our gut check, today’s phone call was an important reminder.

People often ask us how we got started. We had an idea for a seemingly simple solution to an everyday problem…and we decided to take action. Sue’s mantra had always been to follow your passions - personally, philanthropically and professionally. It’s one thing to say it, another to live it. And while we were passionate about Monkey Mat (still are of course!), the devastating life event made clear to both of us that we just had to DO and start following our dream.

Scary? Yes. (ok, terrifying!) People thought we were crazy? Yes. (ok, they still do… :) ) But don’t a lot of great ideas and the most rewarding of experiences start that way??

Remember: We only get one life, there are no re-do’s.

A life-changing low was the catalyst for us to actually move forward with #MonkeyMat, ultimately leading to the excitement we are now experiencing (and hope only continues to build) as we continue to give our all to make our vision a reality.

And we strive (some days more successfully than others, admittedly) to keep things in perspective along the way...

It’s so crucial to take a moment, even in the “rough” days, to reflect upon and keep in mind what’s truly important.

Please know that we are truly grateful for your support and honored to be able to share our journey with you. We hope you’ll tune in tomorrow (Friday, 9/26/14) at 8/7c on #ABC for our big #SharkTank Update…!



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Suzanne Wind
Suzanne Wind

November 02, 2014

I enjoyed reading your latest news. I so agree that it is important to take a step back and reflect on what you have achieved and what is truly important. It is not an easy task to accomplish launching a new product. You two certainly have done it well. Congratulations on all of your successes. I know how difficult it can be and just taking on Shark Tank must have been overwhelming. Congrats again and I wish you all continued success.

Best, Suzanne Wind

I am the founder and author of The SMART Playbook: Game-changing Life Skills for a Modern World. An educational activity book to help children gain character, integrity and confidence. I wrote this book with and for my three children to teach them how to ‘Play it SMART’ in life.

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