Presence is the Best Present

December 22, 2014

Hi Monkey Mat Family! If you are going to give a gift this holiday season, why not give your undivided time and attention first?

Family and friends mean much more to us than any material gift (no matter how shiny it is).  Yet, so many of us settle for purchasing gifts to make up for the time we don’t spend with the loved ones in our lives.  When will we see that presents don’t make up for lost time?

When you give your full attention and are IN the moment (no phones, iPad, TV, internet, no DISTRACTIONS) it makes a profound difference in the lives of the people around you. Presence is the only gift that is guaranteed to be long lasting. Presence shows that you truly and deeply care about someone.  When you are present, your love and energy exude.

So the next time somebody asks what you want for the holidays, as Mariah Carey sang it best, consider saying “All I want for Christmas is you.”  Because presence is precisely all that matters.

Wishing you a happy holidays and many happy Monkey Mat moments!


Monkey Mat Mamas and Courtney J.



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