Don't Forget to Live

February 19, 2015 2 Comments

How does technology affect interaction in our society? No doubt about it that we have all been in situations where ultimately our cell phones have taken precedence over the person in front of us. Does this mean that over time face-to-face communication will cease to exist?

While technology claims to connect us it can often lead us to feeling disconnected. We live in a world where our self-esteem depends on how many followers we have, how many likes we get, and how often someone texts us back. When our phone lights up it validates our narcissism and provides this false sense happiness.

However, technology has become such an important part of our society that looking at it in a negative way will only set us back. Instead we should remember to not become consumed by our smartphones or the appearance of our lives on social media. As a society, we should become more aware and continue to incorporate technology in more positive ways.  

It is important for us to remember that what truly matters is our relationships with others. Once you put your phone down you begin notice things you never saw before. You can start having real conversations with loved ones. You can begin to self reflect on who you are and not rely on others comments to substantiate your self worth. Above all you begin to live.    


The Monkey Mat Mamas and CJ


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