What's Cooking Kiddos???

March 04, 2015 1 Comment

The kitchen is a wondrous place for young children, but do they know all that goes on in there? They see adults using all kinds of different tools, smell new and familiar ingredients, and hear the sounds of the oven timer beeping or the sauté pan sizzling. Children of all ages are intrigued to know how meals come together so why not invite them to kitchen to help!

There are so many advantages to allowing children to participate in the kitchen. Kids can discover new foods, learn about nutrition, and improve math and reading skills as they measure and read directions. Also, cooking with your child reinforces feelings of responsibility and being an important member of the team (teamwork makes the dream work!), which forms memories to last a lifetime and strengthens the bond you share. Above all, you are enjoying quality time working together!

So…. How do you get kids more involved? Here are our tips for a successful and tasty time together in the kitchen: 

  1. Pick the right time. You don’t want to be rushing to get dinner on the table instead enlist there help when you are not crunched for time.
  2. Let your child pick the recipe or plan a meal then make a list of ingredients and pull together all that you need. Here children learn how to organize and plan effectively.
  3. Read the recipe together and delegate what tasks your child can do independently. (Side note: prep work makes the process much more simple and carefree!)
  4. Stress the importance of safety and set up clear rules. Explain to them that extra caution must be taken around sharp tools and hot objects. Also, remember to turn all handles to the back of the stove!
  5. Lastly, be spontaneous. Allow for substitutions wherever possible. Why not use M&M’s in place of chocolate chips in your pancakes??? YUM. Teach your children that possibilities are endless!

When all is done be sure to compliment the chef on a job well done! Then you have the pleasure of sitting down at the table together to enjoy what you've prepared!


The Monkey Mat Mamas and CJ


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Terri Williams
Terri Williams

March 05, 2015

Really enjoyed the article on cooking with the kids great tips and suggestions

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