The Austinite’s Guide to Surviving SXSW 2015

March 13, 2015

Every year around mid March, the city of Austin transforms itself to welcome everyone from tech moguls to musicians for a music/film/interactive festival. That’s right; SXSW is upon us again! SXSW is truly a special time for Austin where innovation, film, music, and tech all collide in a city that is truly like no other. And as true Austinite’s we feel very confident in saying we know a couple of tricks to surviving the next 10 days!!!

  • Rule # 1 - Carry a Monkey Mat with you at all times: Of course this item tops our list, but honestly it is ESSENTIAL! SXSW is a festival, which means there are very few places to sit. The festival is known for impromptu concerts and shows popping up unexpectedly so you don’t want to be left sitting down in questionable environments or not being able to sit down at all. Be sure to take your Monkey Mat and feel free to camp out wherever and whenever you feel!
  • Rule # 2 – Download the SXSW GO app: SXSW GO is the official mobile app for attending the 2015 festival. You can browse the lineup, create a personal schedule, find your friends, see what shows they are attending, and you can also find your way around Austin! This app keeps you connected to the social world and your information will always be up to date. 
  • Rule # 3 – Keep yourself charged: There is rarely ever time during the day to stop and charge your phone so be ready and use a Mophie! A Mophie can provide you with up to 120% extra battery. This will allow you to power through festival while still using your phone to capture every moment!
  • Rule # 4 – Keep your thirst at bay: Staying hydrated is a must and the Camelbak has become a festival staple. The Camelbak is much like a fanny pack but for water and it has the added advantage of providing you another way to store your valuables at the festival. Be prepared and avoid long lines for refillable water or paying ridiculous amounts for bottled water.
  • Rule # 5 – Think outside the box for transportation: Any festivalgoer knows that getting around can be difficult once the city is packed so be prepared to think on your feet. SXSW has fittingly partnered with the ride sharing app, Lyft. Download the app, and then request a ride to get picked up within minutes. Bonus, Lyft will have designated pickup and drop-off zones around downtown Austin, so finding your driver and getting to events will be easy!

The most important rule is to remember to have fun and enjoy the city where it’s normal to be weird! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook where we will be posting all throughout SXSW our favorite local gems for good eats, drinks, and fun.


The Monkey Mat Mamas and CJ


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