Essentials of a Picnic

September 04, 2013

Who doesn’t love a picnic?  
Spontaneous or planned, indoor or outdoor, romantic or full of family chaos...all good! 
A few tips for making picnics extra special:
● If outside, find a great shaded tree, and don’t forget your sunscreen
● Make sure you’ve got a great Monkey Mat (of course, I have to mention..perfect to shake 
off food, wipe messes, and then throw in the wash when done!)
● Wine opener (yes, I put this as a top can see where my minds at, ha!)
● Prepare foods that are easily eatable without silverware, to keep it simple.  Some ideas  that come to mind are:  cheese/crackers, hummus/veggies, lunch meat roll ups, juicy watermelon, cookies/brownies, or check out more ideas via Pinterest (love this site, but boy it’s addicting!)
● Juice Boxes, water (frozen water bottles are great if it’s hot outside), oh and of course the wine!
● Sanitary hand wipes (also great to wipe messes off your Monkey Mat)
● Various games for after the meal: playing cards, frisbee, football, etc

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