Unusual Uses for the Monkey Mat

September 18, 2013 1 Comment

Needless to say, it’s been a fun filled first year of business with the Monkey Mat.  We have seen and heard many unique, random ways that the Monkey Mat has helped with impromptu family outings.  As you know the Monkey Mat is a clean portable surface….but as we’ve seen it can provide much more!  With that in mind we wanted to share, as keeping these secrets to ourselves wouldn’t be fun!  So here we go….


We’ve always thought of the Monkey Mat being for those with an active lifestyle, however we were honored to be used as a sunshield to help professional cyclists warm up before a big race in Colorado.


Not sure about you, but I’ve always stayed away from the “dirty” park picnic tables, but now with the Monkey Mat you can have an impromptu table cloth!  Plus it’s water repellant….water and messes shake right off! TAH DAH!


Heavy blankets, pillows, and sheets no more!  Give the kids the Monkey Mat to provide easy fort making materials, which also allows for easy clean up all around.


Ok, I’m not sure what it is about Superman but the kids are always intrigued with taking the Monkey Mat and running around with the air blowing the cape like a true Superhero!


Who needs to lug around any dedicated single use item when Monkey Mat provides quick, easy protection from those nasty, germy shopping carts!


We’ve gotten more comments, especially from parents of little girls, that the first thing that happens upon arrival of Monkey Mat into a new home is a tea party!


Nothing more fun than movie night at home with the kids...but the remnants of dinner, popcorn and candy, or even worse spilled drinks, can dampen the experience for sure.  Have no fear, Monkey Mat is here, saving the sanity of parents everywhere!

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