Got an Idea?!?

April 13, 2017

Got an Idea?!?

The most challenging part of any idea is actually taking action and getting started. Believe it or not LOTS of people have “good ideas” but very few actually do anything about it.

Here at Monkey Mat we get many requests from other aspiring entrepreneurs about the key fundamentals of just that…GETTING STARTED! It’s easy to let the process overwhelm you but in reality it can be broken out very simple. 

  1. Research - see if there is anything on the market
  2. Create a prototype – it doesn’t have to be perfect (trust me, ours was nothing close!)
  3. Talk to anyone and everyone – get the good, bad, and ugly. It’s amazing what feedback will come out to take your product to the next level.
  4. Put your ego aside – just do it!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about each phase more in-depth so look forward to helping you along your entrepreneurial exploration.

More than anything, we promise to keep it simple and keep it real!

Much love,  

The Monkey Mat Mamas

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