Summer Days Outdoors!

June 11, 2015

Summer Days Outdoors!

Summer is here at last! The kids are out of school and it sure is hot outside (at least if you are in Texas!). So how do you keep the kids away from the TV and video games? Make these summer days more fun and exciting with crafts, activities, and games they can do all do outdoors! From water balloons to outdoor picnics, we have great ideas that will have kids begging to stay outside all day long!

  1. Make a slip ‘n slide – This is a classic! You can make one at home with a plastic sheet or purchase one at a local department store, but you can be sure this will keep your kids occupied for hours!
  2. Body Paint – let your kids paint themselves with body paint! When they are all done they can spend plenty of time running through the sprinkler to get clean.
  3. Take a hike – You would be surprised how much energy kids can get out on a scenic hike. Also, a great way to teach the kiddos about nature.
  4. Sidewalk Chalk – The possibilities are endless with a bucket of sidewalk chalk. You can draw board games, create masterpieces of art, use for learning opportunities with spelling or math, etc.
  5. Sun Tea – When its really hot outside, brew up some sun tea. It super simple and super delicious. Check out this Southern Sun Tea recipe
  6. Water Fight – Get the water balloons ready, turn on the sprinklers, and fill up those water guns, because it’s time for a water fight!
  7. Treasure Hunt – Send your kids on a real life treasure hunt! You can include costumes, but sometimes it is just too hot! Create a treasure map by staining paper with tea and burning the edges. Just be sure to have a prize and plenty of candy at the end.
  8. Plant a Garden – There is nothing better than learning how to grow your own food. Planting a garden teaches children responsibility and how to care for something in a big way.
  9. Picnic – One of our favorites! Plan for a picnic and head to the park! Just be sure to bring your Monkey Mat!
  10. Camp in Your own Backyard – Summer would not be complete without a night of backyard camping. Pitch a tent, lay down some Monkey Mats and let the campfire stories roll!

Monkey Mat in grass with bike

Summer is one of our favorite seasons! It is a great time when the kids are out of school and you can spend your days bonding under the sun!


The Monkey Mat Mamas and CJ

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