Where can I use my Monkey Mat?

              Monkey Mat is perfect for both in and outdoor use!  Originally inspired by dirty airport floors (yuck!), it’s also great for park, beach, dirty hotel floors, concerts, picnics, sporting events, camping, hiking, amusement/water parks and more! 

              We have people who use it to keep car seats clean from mud-covered kids, keep trunk clean while transporting plants, provide an impromptu diaper changing surface on filthy floors while out and about, cover dirty picnic tables during outdoor adventures, make a “shade” when hanging from trees/tents (or even a race tent!), be a landing spot for dirty boots inside the door to keep floors clean, cover sofas to keep pet fur off, create a personal space at parades or festivals, cover arts and crafts tables to contain messes, create a reading time or indoor picnic area, protect floors from highchair messes, and more!  One thing we’ve learned from our Monkey Mat family: the possibilities are endless!

What does water repellent mean? 

            Water repellent means our mats are not easily penetrated by liquids but instead bead right up on the surface, so you can easily shake or brush off any spills or water easily without it being absorbed into the fabric. In fact, our mats make for a great impromptu umbrella while you head for cover!  Because these Monkey Mats are water repellent, not waterproof, over an extended period of time water will eventually soak through the fabric...but most people find that water repellant is enough protection for them. If your sole use will be for outdoor purposes and you live in an area where the ground is consistently damp, you can check out our waterproof Quilted version too.

Does sand come through it? 

            No!  We know life gets messy, so sand, grass, dirt, crumbs, spills all brush or shake right off!

Do I have to fold it a specific way to get it back into the pouch?

            No folding necessary, Monkey Mats easily stuff back into their attached pouches!  Our products are designed to make life easier, and we know the ability to quickly get up and go is must.

How big is it?

            Plenty big for your adventures with friends and family...or keep extra space for yourself, totally up to you!  Our Mini Monkey Mat is 3 x 5 feet (comfortable sits 2, lounges 1), our Monkey Mat and Quilted Monkey Mat are 5 x 5 feet (comfortably sits 4, lounges 2), and our Mega Monkey Mat is 5 x 8 feet (comfortably sits 8, lounges 4).

How big is the pouch?

            Ditch those bulky blankets, our attached storage pouches make our Monkey Mats super portable!  The pouches can easily fit in or attach to a backpack, purse, diaper bag, bike or cooler handle, inside car glovebox, etc.  The pouch for the Mini Monkey Mat is 4.5" x 4.5", for the Original Monkey Mat is 6”x6”, for the Mega Monkey Mat is 7.5”x7.5” and for the Quilted Monkey Mat is 10" x 10". 

How much does it weigh?

Our Monkey Mats are very lightweight so they can go everywhere with you!  One Mini Monkey Mat weighs 6oz, one Original Monkey Mat weighs 11oz, one Mega Monkey Mat weighs 14oz and one Quilted Monkey Mat weighs 16oz.

How does it stay down outside?

            The Monkey Mat has weighted corners to help keep it down, as well as corner loops for stakes if further grounding is needed.  The primary goal of the Monkey Mat is to offer a portable clean surface that you can take any and every where! Of course, like any blanket, the weights are great for everyday use, but on those super windy days or with lots of people moving around on the mat, the assistance of stakes to may be helpful in keeping it down and taut. Stakes can easily fit inside the attached pouch, so everything comes from one place and stays in one place!

How do I clean it?

            Our goal is to make life easier, so Monkey Mats can easily be machine washed with like colors and hung to dry or tumble dried on low.

Does it have cushioning?

            Mini, Original and Mega Monkey Mats do not have cushioning.  They are designed to be an easy, on-the-go, lightweight ground cover, so the fabric is thin (but durable) to provide the utmost portability.  Our Quilted Monkey Mat, however, has light quilting to provide more cush for your tush!

What kind of fabric is the Monkey Mat made of?

            The fabric is rip-stop nylon, so it’s lightweight but still extremely durable and puncture resistant.  The Quilted Monkey Mat also has a waterproof backing.

 Is the fabric anti-microbial or anti-mildew?

            No the fabric is not anti-microbial or anti-mildew.  However, it does dry incredibly quickly to prevent growth, and you can easily machine wash and hang/tumble dry low to keep it clean for your next adventure!

Can it be used under a table or highchair?

            Yes, your Monkey Mat can easily be placed underneath a table or highchair, similar to any floor mat. It's easy to shake off, wash, and store afterwards. Great both for home and for on the go placement (airport, restaurants, etc.).


Is it treated with any harmful chemicals?

            Being mothers ourselves, we completely understand your question and are particularly careful to meet the highest of safety requirements!  Monkey Mats meet all child safety standards with the CPSIA and ASTM.  There is no BPA or PVC in our products. 


Can it be used as a blanket, or prevent against heat or cold?

            Though not the intended use, we’ve got plenty of people who use Monkey Mats as a quick cover - either to take off the chill or break up the direct heat.  Again, endless uses for our products!


Can the mat be embroidered? Or have screen print applied?

We do not recommend embroidering our mats as it will puncture the fabric. Screen printing can easily be done to our mats and is the best option for customization!