Fur-eez Portable Car Seat Cover

FUR-EEZ Ultra PORTABLE Car Seat Cover

ULTRA-PORTABLE CAR SEAT COVER: This take-everywhere, easy-to-use cover to help protect backseats from dirt, scratches, pet hair, odor, drool, muddy paws and more!

  • PORTABLE: Attached 6”x 6” storage pouch with carabiner clip to easily take everywhere
  • TAKE-EVERYWHERE: Easily fits into pocket, purse, bag, cooler, stroller, bike, etc for use on the go.
  • UNCOMPLICATED DESIGN: Allows for easy install and storage
  • SECURE IN VEHICLE: Two elastic straps secure over headrests allow for easy installation and elastic perimeter at bottom to help secure around seats.
  • EASY SEAT BELT ACCESS: Slits allow for seat belt buckles to be easily available for use.
  • FITS MOST VEHICLES: 42” wide x 42” long allows easy and versatile fit for most cars and SUVs (requires headrests).
  • COMFORTABLE: Thanks to the durable, soft ripstop polyester material, your pet will be comfortable with no plasticky feel.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT at only 6oz
  • WATER REPELLENT: Protects seats from drool and other messes.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Allows for easy care.


Get out and about with your pet - without worry of mess in vehicles - with this easy to use, ultra-portable backseat cover you can take everywhere! 


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